Let me be your private companion anywhere! I am located in Scottsdale/Tempe Outcalls Hour away!

The Hobby!

My do's and Don't list:

I love the hobby. I want this experience to be about both of us being comfortable in each others company. I take my time getting to know you and to make this a very special time. I am low volume lady for a reason. I love what I do and do it well! Communication is the key! I am a planner that is why I offer wonderful specials for people who like to plan like me!

My dislikes are the following:

My nipples pinched or any pain to them. Included no hard sucking. They are super sensitive. But loved they caressed and sensual licking touching.

No pain to leave bruises or sucking to leave bruises. I am on blood thinners from blood clots.

No Greek.

No hair pulling.

No fingers inside me.

No Barebacking. Only BJ =)

Please show up freshly showered. I take 3 hours to get ready for you please return the favor. I always have fresh towels and soap for you to clean up at my place. Not a problem at all I pinky promise!

Please place donation in bathroom in envelope. No exceptions. If it is not there I am leaving or ask you to leave.

If you booked a GFE appointment that's what you are going to receive. So if you want a Fetish appointment book a Fetish appointment. If you try to do Fetish appointment during GFE appointment it will be ended. You will not receive any donation back. 

When you contact me please read over reviews and website about information on preparing for a visit with me is going to be like. I do not like explicit talk with someone I have never met. So please keep the XXX when we meet in person. I know you are excited as much as I am. I want to make sure we have a connection. I will never ever discuss donations over phone just what type of appointment you want and how long you wish to have me. If you have questions about fetish please contact me once about what you are seeking.

If you are disrespectful in any way over email or text don't expect to receive a message back because you will be blocked automatically. I will also out you on twitter. I do not have the patience for negativity at all! 

I only see gentlemen. Who are established, genuine, caring, and loving people. I do not see people as races.

I hope you do not label yourself! We are all human. Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect!