Let me be your private companion anywhere! I am located in Scottsdale/Tempe Outcalls Hour away!


The Holidays are here! The weather is cool…. It is the perfect time to come spend time snuggled up together in bed with someone who genuinely appreciates your time and companionship as much as you enjoy spending time with a professional, discreet, sexy companion.  Every minute you share with me is non rushed and is totally about you. I always put your needs and desires before myself. Why because I am a pleaser I would do anything in my power to make you happy and your deepest, darkest fantasy a reality! Your secret is safe with me! I will tell you mine as well! That is what makes me happy to see the fire in your eyes looking at me like a wild beast about to eat his last meal!

Most of you remember me if not I am looking forward to meeting you! I have lived in Arizona before for few years. Then I left quickly because my fur baby Chica was bitten by Black Widow. I went home to be with family in Michigan while I spent time with my bestie before she left me forever. If anyone knows me she was everything to me. I lost everything trying to save my Chica with her medical treatment. Sooo I am starting out fresh. I am not complaining. I would give it all up in a heartbeat just to see my Chica, hear her, and feel her.... I know a lot of you can relate. She made me so happy and brought so much fun to my boring life! I am finally over my depression and feel safe to see people again. I have always been happy go lucky person so let's just say depression is no joke. I apologize it took so long but I would only see people who know me to bring me comfort during my dark period. Because for first time in my life I lost something I loved. It almost killed me but the hobby saved me. Thank you to all the gentleman and ladies who gave me hope along the way and all the help when I was stranded, lost and confused through my journey. I love you all and you know who you are. The Bitch is Back lol Just Joking! See I am funny again and running crazy specials again that you can't refuse!!!

I recently bought a vacation rental in Old Town Scottsdale until January 5th. I wanted to buy myself something nice for Christmas. I haven't had my own place since I lost Chica. So I want to share the holidays with people who bring me love, peace, joy and happiness. I wasn't going to let newbies come visit or anyone I haven't seen in past 6 months because I do have trust issues.  (The Hobby has changed over the years.) So as long as you verifiable and no complaints out there on you….. I would love to share my home with you. I am still house searching and saving up for the perfect play house. This is your chance to see me and get to know each other before I do get my house because when I have my house it will only be for gentlemen I have seen before.  I apologize for the long delay on house search the snow birds have taken almost everything! I am determined to find everything I want my next home to be perfect and will not settle for anything less! So luxury vacation homes until then!  I am looking for house with pool and hot tub. Most of you know I love to entertain and a wonderful sexy host. I would love to host private parties. Once, I find the perfect house and reconnect with new and old friends! I love to swing with fun friends.


I do have right to say no to an offer!  I only see respectable gentlemen. I do not see people as labels we all bleed the same. I am a very kind, loving person so I demand the same respect. I am all about good vibes and fun times! It is all about chemistry! I want to make sure we are the perfect fit for one another! I look forward to pleasing you!

Make sure you ask about my FREE MASSAGE after any appointment I just want to plan my day accordingly as I stated I love to please. Everyone who has had one of my of my massage ask if I have had training but I just sense all the right places to put you at ease leaving you completely drained! You will be purely satisfied in every department mind, body and soul! I promise you that on my reputation! That is why I never have had a complaint because this is what I love to do is to worship you!


I do a lot of work online, and have a real job. I enjoy the hobby. This isn't my job it is part of who I am. I am your companion! So be respectful to your kitten. I only need few good men in my life! Will you be one of them?


Please read over my website before contacting me. I offer a lot of things and some things I do not!

I need 2 to 4 Hours Notice any time when booking me! Text is best method of contacting me!



 (269) 419-8286 Text me is fastest     




 Instagram barbieluvs2squirt     


 Twitter @sexycameronsexy     


 P411: P8389     


 TER ID: 113343     


 Add me on NEW snapchat CameronLoves024    


 NO NEGOTIATING ON VERIFICATION AT ALL!  I apologize but safety is more important to me then a buck. I have a lot of people who love me! I do this because I want to and the hobby makes me happy with the right gentlemen. I am picky when choosing someone also and do my research on you also. I want to know who you are!    


 Newbie Friendly. I will need two-forms of identification (has to be up to date) with full name and photo. Along with work information. I do call to verify employment. So please let me know before calling what to say when I call.  I am always discreet and after our meeting information is deleted and you will have me for a reference for 6 months.      


 For References verification: I need at least 2 providers who have to have over 6 national reviews with no complaints and you have seen them in past 6 months. Along with their contact information, memory jogger and how they will remember you by.     


 Memberships of Gentlemen of Boards I advertise on. You have to have 2 recent reviews in past 6 months or okays or Whitelisted or VIP it has to be in past 6 months. Send me a pm to verify your membership.     


 I do have a cancelation fee of same donation of the appointment you booked.  If you no call or no show or do not give me 12 hours notice of cancelation. I will add you to blacklist on twitter.  I cannot stand a time waster. I do understand things up but I am all about communication.


 Please do not waste my time as I will not waste your time.  I would never dream of wasting your time my reputation means everything to me.  I have never had a complaint for a reason. I am real as they come with a high energy laid back Michigander show me some love! I will love you long a time!

Add me on NEW snapchat CameronLoves024

Private video chat with me on snapchat is 15 minutes $60 or 30 minutes $80

 Would you like personal pictures and videos:

$5.00 for 2 pictures 

$10 for 4 pictures


$15 for 6 pictures 

$20 for 3 pictures and a video


$30 for 2 videos and 4 pictures

$40 4 Videos and 4 pictures

$50 5 Videos and 5 pictures

Cameron Loves
1 Hour Fetish Appointment
Add $50 over hour and half drive from Tampa or over 4 hours driving add $100 on multi hour appointments only!
Any session video taped or pictures per hour
Add $50 over hour and half drive from Tampa or over 4 hours driving add $100 on multi hour appointments only!
1 Hour PSE
Add $50 over hour and half drive from Tampa or over 4 hours driving add $100 on multi hour appointments only!
1 Hour GFE
Add $50 over hour and half drive from Tampa or over 4 hours driving add $100 on multi hour appointments only!
2 hours GFE
Add $50 over hour and half drive from Tampa or over 4 hours driving add $100 on multi hour appointments only!
4 Hours GFE
Anywhere in Arizona! No Gas Tip!
10 Hours GFE
Anywhere in Arizona! No Gas Tip!
12 hours GFE
Anywhere in Arizona! No Gas Tip!
24 Hours
Anywhere in Arizona! No Gas Tip!
3 Day weekend retreat GFE
$5,000 give me 48 hours notice please.
Anywhere in Arizona! No Gas Tip!
Couples Retreat
$700 Two Hours
Anywhere in Arizona! No Gas Tip!